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Tiny Prints Holiday Ornaments Cards

This year I went with the ornament card, not that I am demanding my cards to be hung on everyone’s tree but at least it gives options for those who don’t know what to do with a pile of cards.  I buy special frames to hang cards on my tree so I know at least someone likes the idea!  These are still big enough to show a nice photo (they are 5.5″ rounds).  There are so many designs to choose from, some even have the option for multiple photos.  For those without a message on the back, you can add an additional photo and/or a small caption for an update on your year.  I am totally behind on cards this year (just did it now!) so if you are still working on your cards, consider these fun alternatives.  At Tiny Prints, prices start at $2.99 and go as low as $1.59 each, depending on quantity.  Save 20% off your order with code DECFS20, ends today December 6!

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