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Toys to Grow On Panda Village Block Set: It Takes a Village…to Raise a Panda

I am pretty proud that the cutest animal in the world is Chinese.  Honestly, who doesn’t love the panda bear? Between their adorable faces, pudgy bodies, and endearing ways (their diet is 99% bamboo – you can’t get any greener than that!), what’s not to love?

The Panda Village block set from Toys to Grow On brings the creative building concept of the Lincoln Log to a whole new level – and environment. The 42 building blocks in this set are actually made of real bamboo – you can’t get more authentic than that. Your tot can build a genuine habitat for this cute creature, and serendipitously learn about physics! Their imaginations can run rampant as they construct their favorite design for the nine pandas to live in (there are three adults and six cubs).  At Toys to Grow On for $49.95.



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  1. My kids really wanted this for a holiday gift. Is there anywhere else to get it besides ttgo? They are sold out. (I was surprised something like this is so popular.)