Valentino Rockstud Small Top Handle

Valentino has unleashed the wild side of a proper lady, even the Upper East Side is seeing some edge to their bags. This classic shape (basically a Hermes Kelly) has gussets that flare out and studs that accentuate the clean lines. There are many options for wear, you can  tuck in the gussets – unless of course you love that it looks like the Celine trapezoid bag. The top handle option is best since the drop is long enough to go over your shoulder. Comes in black or white but the black is a bit too obvious and rocker, the white shows more range in personality. At Luisa Via Roma for $2293.

3 thoughts on “Valentino Rockstud Small Top Handle

  1. Anonymous on said:

    hmm…black and white..just have to say – CLASSIC

  2. It’s very punk-rocker chic!

  3. missmahogany on said:

    The white is superhot!

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