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Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos: Flaming Lips

Maybe it was the name that put me on edge – I kinda suspected these wouldn’t be too successful. But I was still curious and had to give them a try. Hey, it could be fun for New Years! You know what they say about first instincts and them being right? Violent Lip’s Temporary Lip Tattoos do not work well.

Perhaps if they were actual “temporary tattoos,” they might not look outright ridiculous. Except these are basically stickers that sit on top of your lips. Each “lip” comes in a huge format that you have to cut down and trim to fit (which is nearly impossible). Then you need to bend it in order to conform to your own lips, which are obviously three-dimensional and curved in a way paper just can’t, so there is no way to get a perfect fit.

Here’s what you do: take the sticky film off, then get a wet cotton ball and moisten the paper side. After much mess, the sticker will peel off and adhere to your lips. Just not very smoothly! There are inevitable creases, as you can see on my lips.

I messed up the top lip, so I had to discard it and only did the bottom one. Maybe my technique was flawed, but even if I got it to fit perfectly, you still look like there is a sticker on your face. On top of that, the thing feels awful. I had to fight against every instinct not to gnaw it off long enough just to get a picture taken.

The professional picture might look just fine, but we’re talking about a professional ad that a lot of work went into. In real life, you will look like a sloppy clown. Violent, indeed. At Sephora for $15.



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  1. What about eating and drinking with those things on? I can’t imagine drinking from a glass being an easy feat without losing a lip! I would rather just buy a glittery lipstick than having to go through the trouble that you went through so thanks for the review!

    1. According to the packaging, you are able to eat and drink with no slip ups. You’re supposed to dab water on it after applying so it isn’t sticky. But there is no way it will stay on while eating! Can you imagine having a partial lip go missing?

  2. They are not that bad, first off, don’t pull it off the paper before placing it on your spread taught lip (glitterati is a loose 0 shape) them moisten and shape with wet fingers. Think the temporary tattos you put on as a kid, but on your lips Second a good oil free gloss or lip balm keeps them from being sticky. I used eos lip balm over mine. Lasted all day at my works valentines day party. They do feel strange and you must make sure to exfoliate your lips but otherwise they are fun and not too difficult.