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Bliss FatGirlSlim Treatment Kit

No matter your size, odds are you’re at least somewhat self conscious when it comes to stripping down to your bikini — especially if you find yourself, like I did, next to a parade of svelte tanned bodies in South Beach. As anyone who has been in that situation knows, every little extra bit of confidence counts, which is exactly where Bliss FatGirlSlim Treatment Kit($38 – but it’s a $54 value), comes in. There’s nothing like diet and exercise to get your body in shape and reduce the appearance of cellulite, so while I haven’t noticed any long-term improvements from using this kit, it offers an instant firming feel that’s equally priceless. The kit comes with travel-friendly sized jars of FatGirlScrub, FatGirlSlim, FatGirlSleep, and a FatGirlSimulator (hand-held, nubby massage tool to smooth the surface of skin and wake up circulation).

The day/night creams and scrub smell great, are soothing, smoothing, and great for tightening up all cellulite-prone areas and the price is pretty stellar especially if you’re new to Bliss and looking to try out some of their most popular products. Again, while this kit isn’t a replacement for a healthy lifestyle, it’s a fantastic complement – and yes, I spent all four of my days in South Beach in my bikini:) From my experience the scrub and massage tool work best when you apply strong pressure and use warm water.


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  1. I’m so surprised to hear you recommend this. Having fallen for the pitch, I tried this exact kit and was sorely disappointed. Emphasis on sorely. Because not only did it not work, using strong pressure with the massage tool and scrub left me covered in bruises, and no results. I’ve had the best results from good old exercise and diet.

  2. Wow you must be strong to have given yourself bruises! Like I said this is a great complement, in my opinion, to diet and exercise, but not a replacement.