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Christian Louboutin Meteorita Metallic Sandals: Cosmic Candyland

The forecast calls for meteor showers – and I am pretty excited! While the actual celestial event is caused by cascades of cosmic debris hitting the atmosphere, Christian Louboutin’s Meteorita is an otherworldly shoe composed of cosmically metallic straps, designed to catch your eye. Both happen very quickly, and Louboutin’s take might be even more powerful than a big meteor. With straps galore, there is nothing subtle about this carefree sandal that looks like ribbon candy. It’s fun and bright and full of out-there optimism. Even though it looks like it was created in Candyland, I can appreciate this flight of fancy. Sure, it’s a little childish, but we all have a sweet tooth every now and then. At this grown-up price, it will probably have to wait for a sale, but keep in mind: Louboutin doesn’t lie. Spring is all about reinvented stripes and rainbow-bright colors. On Net-a-Porter for $1,795.

Pair with: You’ve basically reached your color-capacity for one sophisticated outfit. Capitalize on another spring trend: nude. Jay Ahr’s stretch nappa leggings will make a revealing statement without showing skin.
On Luisa via Roma for $1,888.



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