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Cremo Cream Superior Shave Cream: No More Stubble Trouble

No soapy lather for me. I always use a proper shaving cream when shaving. Sometimes I experiment with different creams and compare notes with my husband – he claims my “tough” leg skin (compared to his silky face, I suppose) doesn’t require the use of shaving cream. That might be true, but a good shaving cream can actually prolong the need for the next shave.

Like Cremo Cream’s Superior Shave. It preps the skin to reduce the risk of nicks, cuts and irritation. Even better, it also makes the hair follicles stand up and extend out, so you get a closer shave, which means you can extend the time in between shaves.

I conducted a “scientific study” on myself yesterday: I used this cream on one side of my underarms and skipped it on the other. One day later, I can definitely see a difference. The anti-cream side is stubbly already, while the other is perfectly smooth. I tested on the underarms rather than my legs because underarm skin is irregular and prone to cuts during a shave. And when I get irritated, it starts to itch and nothing is more unsightly than watching someone scratch her armpits.

Cremo Cream is inexpensive and free of odors and fanciness – just a good ol’ shaving cream that get the job done. On Amazon for $10.50.



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