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Dolce & Gabbana Charm Pencil Collection:

You’ve gotta love the whimsy of the Italians! Nobody else would dream up lip and eyeliner with such an element of caprice. Dolce & Gabbana’s new charm pencils have positively charmed me (pardon the pun – I couldn’t resist!). To be released in time for Valentine’s Day, each color has its own special accessory.

The Lip and Eye Duo of Fire and Platinum come with embellishments of a heart and Italian horn for love and good luck. Other charms include a glamorous high-heel (it reminds me of a Barbie shoe!), love letter, and lots more.

Not only are they fun, they’re practical – the different symbols will help you keep track of what colors you are grabbing from your makeup bag without looking. And since it’s Dolce, you know the colors are right-on. Eyeliner shades of Black and Platinum feel hard at first, but simply swipe them a few times on a tissue and it becomes smooth and soft (I use light-catching Platinum in the corners of the eyes to brighten), and the Lip Liner in Dalhia is the perfect shade of plummy-chic. Just don’t pick your shade based on what charm you like best!

To be available for $33 at Saks Fifth Avenue.



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