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Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Straw Handbag: Get a Handle On It


Oooh, python set against straw makes for a fab contrast! It’s pure. It’s natural. It’s glamorous. But, being the decadents they are, Dolce & Gabbana couldn’t keep themselves from adding a gold chain. The flashy touch musses it up especially with the gold lock – this would pack a bigger impact without an extra fussiness. With woven straw and sensuous snake, you’ve already got a cool juxtaposition that can groove on its own.

Now that I think about it, I would actually like to see this combo on a more relaxed shape as well…and perhaps with some color injected into it. A hot and bright python trim would be super-amazing for spring. Wait, maybe I don’t actually like this bag! Since I’m redesigning almost every aspect, I think I just like the concept of the opposing fabrications. Available for pre-order at Neiman Marcusicon for $1,190.

As an alternative: Lanvin’s big, casual tote has the laid-back feel the blend of snake and straw requires for a truly organic feel. Black grosgrain trim enhances the contrast, and while the handle doesn’t wow me, at least it has the powerful burst of color I crave. On Net-a-Porter for $1,190.



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