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Eeboo French and Spanish Bingo: Buenas Dias and Bonjour!

What a great, fun way to reinforce that second (or third) language your tot is learning: French and Spanish Bingo! Covering six categories: animals, nature, market, colors, clothing, and vehicles, the game includes a pronunciation guide, along with colorful tiles to learn French or Spanish in a creative and enjoyable way. The object of the game is to fill a card with tiles by matching the pictures. And it is recommended for tots as young as three.

I just wish Eeboo had these clever Bingo games in more languages. I am trying (although, admittedly, not very hard) to teach my kids Chinese. Everywhere I turn, I am being tortured with guilt for not doing a better job. Maybe Eeboo can help me out!

There are so many resources available now (especially living in a melting pot like L.A.) that there is no excuse to avoid learning a new language. Forget dieting, my New Year’s Resolution is to teach my kids Chinese!
Spanish Bingo, $11.55, and French Bingo, $12.50, available on Amazon.



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