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Fresh Crème Ancienne Infusion Toner: A Fresh Start

I buy Fresh Ancienne eye cream by the pack (well, two or three at a time, but that’s a pack to me!), and I’ve introduced so many friends to it who all agree: it’s one of the best eye creams on the planet! I am so excited they are launching Crème Ancienne Infusion toner. For some reason, toner is the one product I am not diligent about using, but now that Fresh has one that’s about to change. I’ve been told toners are really important – they wipe away the drying and damaging chemicals from the water we use to wash our faces and help bind moisturizers to our skin, so you end up using less creams as a result.

The Infusion toner is particularly special. Like all of the versions of Crème Ancienne, which is based on the world’s first emulsion based cream, each bottle of the formula is hand-mixed bottled by monks in the Czech Republic. Fresh co-founder Lev Glazman originally discovered this flawless balance of oils and protective waxes on a trip to LVMH’s laboratory library in France, and the rest is history. Now the latest addition to the family is sure to make a little skin history of its own.

Get it on exclusively on starting today, Friday, January 20th!




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