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Frugal Snob: Skinnygirl Face & Body

You always hear about celebrities and designers licensing out their name and then having very little involvement in the resulting products. While it’s possible that this is the case with Bethenny Frankel, I would be very surprised. She always stays true to her brand and seems to care deeply about what products she associates herself with. She’s also all about value and that’s exactly why I’m loving her Skinnygirl Face & Body line.

The line just launched exclusively at Wal-Mart and I tried a few of the body products and given her whole “skinny” shtick it’s not surprising that a bunch of the products say things like “firming,” “detox,” and “smoothing.” While you won’t be loosing any lbs by lathering on these products, they are packed with noteworthy raw actives like Grape Seed, Cranberry, Coconut, Sweet Almond, Aloe, and Cucumber and she’s literally got dozen upon dozen of products to choose from. My fave so far is the Scrub pictured above. It’s super dense and “harsh,” which makes it perfect if you’re trying to ease sore muscles or are looking for a good winter-time once-a-week exfoliator. I love the grainy texture and the smell is strong without being over-powering (it’s cranberry scented, but not in an overly fruity “cheap” smelling kind of way). Next up? I want to try her alcohol-inspired sangria and margarita bath sets!

Did I mention prices start at 4.97? Ya, at these prices you can justify trying pretty much anything…and one thing’s for sure, this is the best line to come to Wal-Mart since Norma Kamali.


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