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John Hardy is Feeling Lucky: The Year of the Dragon

It’s official: today marks the start of the Year of the Dragon, according to the Chinese calendar. Lucky us: the Dragon is the most noble of signs in Chinese astrology, so you can be sure that this year, many people in China will attempt to have Dragon babies (especially boys!).

Others will be content to deck themselves in Dragon jewels! Look no further than John Hardy. They have crafted a stunning collection of jewelry inspired by the blessed symbol.

The Spring 2012 Naga collection is named after the semi-divine part-serpent and part-human creature who, according to Balinese legend, lives in a gem-filled garden and receives visits from the pearl-loving dragon. Hardy’s ferociously stylish Dragon is depicted through bold silver, metal blends that exude strength and delicacy. Designer and Creative Director, Guy Bedarida, says that wearers of the collection “will enjoy love, prosperity, and luck.” Here’s to happy jewels and a happy and luck Dragon new year!




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