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KARL Textured-Leather Bags: Keeping Up With Karl

Karl Lagerfeld is a busy man. As if it’s not enough to design a multitude of collections for Chanel every year – and somehow keeping the clothes intoxicating, the ideas innovative, and the shows inspiring – he now has just released his own diffusion line, sold exclusively on Net-a-Porter.

It’s called KARL, and the approachable brand name couldn’t be more logical. With prices ranging from just $95 to $450, this is a side of Karl we can all access. To him, it’s “fresh and relevant.” To me, his bags are relaxed and street-smart. Think more Alexander Wang than Coco Chanel.

The textured-leather shoulder bag ($405), compact with a selection of zippered pockets and a detachable strap, is made for models off-duty and biker jacket-wearing city girls. The same goes for the clutch ($270) a midnight-time version of the shoulder style. It’s as slender as the willowy young things who will likely be carrying it, so pack minimally and flaunt the bold mirrored embellishment. I can’t say these bags are unlike anything I’ve ever come across (far from it), but we’re seeing more of Karl’s edgy personal style. And when it comes to him, the man can do whatever he wants!

Pair with: Fans of the new line will also love these two-tone pumps. Black and white come together with a classical almond toe, thrown off by an asymmetrical cutout, and brazen white straps to cuff your ankles. On Net-a-Porter for $335.



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  1. I have to say I checked out the Karl line on Net-a-Porter (my favorite site by far!) and I think it is AWFUL!! Everything looked very cheap and tacky to me. Too much PVC and his silhouette is on everything which I find obnoxious. I hate how all these designers are doing these diffusion lines. Isn’t anything sacred anymore in the fashion world?!?