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Kneipp Evening Primrose Intensive Balm: Say Bye-Bye to Dry

Evening primrose oil is known for its healing and moisturizing benefits. Kneipp’s Evening Primrose Intensive Balm, with its aromatic, light scent, is an intense and wonderfully soothing balm that heals the driest skin (like mine!). After bathing, I like to apply an oil (and this balm is certainly like oil) to seal in hydration and give myself a spa-like experience. Kneipp’s balm not only hydrates at the moment of application but also helps your skin retain moisture. With continued use, you can go a day without lotion (except, why would you?) and your skin will still feel supple. Along with primrose, it has sweet almond and jojoba oils.

But there is one odd ingredient: urea. Now, if I know my #foodiesproblems, urea is the cause of gout. Too much protein intake creates too much uric acid in the body, and that is not a good thing (it causes painful swelling in the joints). But apparently, it is great for the skin – especially problem areas like elbows and knees, and skin issues, like eczema. So, for those of us with dry or sensitive skin, this is the antidote! On SpaLook for $26.



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  1. Aside from these evening primrose oil benefits, this herbal treatments also has numerous benefits for a woman’s health. Other evening primrose oil benefits consist medication from asthma and allergies, reduction of cholesterol, improve metabolism, as well as cure skin problems. No doubt, evening primrose oil benefits medicine is helpful for a female.