Kristen Stewart as New Face for Balenciaga Fragrance: Total Sell Out

I cannot believe this is the choice of Nicolas Ghesquière, this is an obvious marketing move to take advantage of the Twilight fans’ buying power. Kristen Stewart is the blandest actress there is, even her quotes about Balenciaga shows that she has nothing to say, other than that the brand is “Cool, so cool. It’s really cool”. Even her character in the Twilight series, Bella Swan, doesn’t jive with the brand, she is helpless and weak and requires intervention at every turn. Is that the Balenciaga girl? I would be fine with the choice if it was strictly for financial reasons but to say she “embodies Nicolas Ghesquière’s unique vision” is a joke.

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12 thoughts on “Kristen Stewart as New Face for Balenciaga Fragrance: Total Sell Out

  1. Gross. Of all the celebrities to pick from, this is the best Balenciaga could do?


  2. obviously, you didn’t do your research on ms. stewart. i believe she was chosen because of who she is and not based on the character she played in the movies. i have a very strong feeling that balenciaga created the perfume with ms. stewart in mind, who happens to be strong, honest, “doesn’t-give-a-****- attitude” and also beautiful, whether she’s in t-shirt and jeans or couture!…she always look fabulous whenever she wears balenciaga, even with vans or converse!

    • Beauty Snob Kelly on said:

      But my point is, who she is is the same as that character. She just seems so meek. Looks aside. Did you read her quotes about the brand? She has no opinions.

      Beauty Snob Kelly

      • bellafigura on said:

        Kristin Stewart does not read “meek” to young girls, I think you are getting it wrong on this one! And she is one of those rare actors that you keep your eyes glued to when she is on screen. The old cliche, “the camera loves her” is why KS is where she is. Check out her pre-Twilight movies — she’s been doing this a long time. And I think it’s the perfect match, if you think of the iconic bags, she’s got the young rebellious (she’s only a year out of wearing converse on the red carpet, remember!) rock and roll glam vibe.

        • bellafigura on said:

          And she’s cooler for not having “opinions about the brand”. She knows how to sell out without spouting the party line! She just wears the hell out of it.

    • Susan I agree with you, I am tired of people allways criticizing this young woman. She Is beautiful, and I feel she is more Introverted than “Meek”. She’s such a talented young woman, and i really don’t think most teenagers can afford perfume from Balenciaga! I come to this site to read about beauty, bags, shoes, not to read people trashing others. It’s not nice.

  3. ouch. who said beauty had to have brains in the fashion industry? we know that everyone else who is “well spoken” has gone through pr training. i’m not her biggest fan in terms of her acting, but she is beautiful!

  4. Why must we insult others? Ms. Stewart is a beautiful, young lady that has an edgy sense of style. She may not have an out there personality, I believe she is more introverted than meek. And plus the people that go watch Twilight ate teens-at least the majority of them are, and how many of them can actually afford to buy Balenciaga perfume, it’s not cheap! I for one am happy for this talented lady and I hope the Campaign is as gorgeous as she.

  5. justiner on said:

    I think that Bella is blander than Kristen. Plus I don’t think it was for purely financial reasons. I mean – do you think that Twilight fans buy Balenciaga? I doubt it.

  6. I agree that her acting leaves a lot to be desired (and I don’t think the writing on the Twilight movies helped) but she is pretty. As far as I can tell “pretty” is the only requirement to be in an ad.

  7. I love her as Joan Jett!

  8. Well, Kristen has been going more and more mainstream lately, you can’t deny it. And really, anyone who stars in a franchise (Twilight, and now Snow White), is aiming for the spotlight and fame, no matter what they say to the contrary. And now that she’s “the face” of a fragrance, it’s even more obvious. Whether you’re a rabid fan, indifferent, or dislike her, you have to admit that she and her PR team know what they’re doing. Perhaps Balenciaga actually chose her because they buy into her “I’m different” image, but really it’s about the fact that she’s popular right now. That’s just how it works. Honestly, though, she doesn’t make me want to buy a perfume with her name on it. Sorry.

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