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Larkspur & Hawk: A Jewel in the Crown

We may love wearing them on our eyelids and cocktail dresses, but sometimes jewel tones should be left to their natural form. Few designers seem to understand that as well as Larkspur & Hawk – the throwback line really knows how to indulge and showcase a brilliantly colored gem. Applying classical 18th-century techniques and styles, these refined pieces have old-world appeal. But with oversized stones, the effect is thoroughly modern.

The Emma ring, spotlighting a foil-backed amethyst, will serve as your perfect cocktail companion – wear it with a deep red manicure for a deeply dramatic look ($1,300). Enormous topaz earrings are reason to pull your hair back and keep your neckline bare; the Celeste pair is the most beautiful shade of azure-blue that will look especially striking on blondes ($2,100). The main event: the Annabel Riviere necklace, with glittering green and blue topazes creating an ethereal wreath for your throat ($8,000).

The line is selling out like crazy on Net-a-Porter, so don’t waste time choosing the jewel tone that suits you!



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