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Lydia Courteille 18-Karat Gold and Diamond Elephant Earrings: The Elephant in the Room


The expression goes that an elephant never forgets. Now it has taken on a new meaning. When a pair of earrings is this memorable, nobody will overlook you, no matter how iced out your company is!

Elephants are spiritual creatures, known as a symbol of patience, wisdom, and responsibility. I’m not so sure how responsible, per se, a purchase as grand as this is, but Lydia Courteille’s design is so stunning and unexpected, it just might be worth it. Combined with the mythical moonstone, which makes an appearance as a perfect teardrop, these will bring you strength and power.

The sweet and potent elephants are made from 524 brown diamonds, and they hang from chains attached to studs of another 62 white diamonds. As if that’s not enough, the eyes are black diamonds. Elephants are now a girl’s best friend! At Browns Fashionicon for $44,606 (£28,695).

Pair with: You want a piece that won’t attempt to compete with your earrings but will also complement them. Miu Miu’s strappy, shapely, artfully devised snakeskin sandals strike the right balance. Miu Miu Two-Piece Sandal, $795.



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