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Macadamia Healing Oil Spray: I’m Nuts For It

It’s the battle of the hair oils: Tina is loving her Moroccanoil, but my oil of choice comes from the macadamia nut.

While the nuts themselves are high in fat, macadamia oil is the new “healthy” oil – for eating, that is. It has less saturated fat than olive oil, but it is much harder to come by. Which means it’s more expensive, so you’re not going to see it in your local supermarket aisle.

For the hair, the benefits are even better (and it’s calorie free!). Packed with high-oxidative stability and working great as an emollient, Macadamia Healing Oil Spray will repair the residual damage you have from over-styling, harsh weather. Even if you don’t torture your hair, you might need to moisturize naturally brittle and dry hair. And if you are blessed with  healthy hair, it gives it incredible shine, dampens down the frizzy ends and leaves it with a healthy bounce.

The spray is an ultra-fine mist. You don’t need a lot to see a difference, but even if you go decide to go nuts like I did because I LOVE the smell, it doesn’t weigh your hair down or appear greasy. It dries nice and matte (as in, not greasy) even if it first appears to be “wet”. Spray on damp hair before styling for protection against the heat of your dryer or curling iron, or use it on dry hair for superb shine. On Amazon for $13.50.



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  1. While we’re having the battle of the hair oils, I’d love it if you or Tina reviewed a hair oil called ‘Orofluido’ (which means ‘liquid gold’ in italian!). In particular, I’d love to know how it compares to the Moroccanoil…