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Maison du Posh “Bite Me” Ostrich and Swarovski Clutch: Jaw-Dropping Appeal

It is so unusual for me to fall for a bag based on a photo (much like people, bags tend to require a face-to-face meeting to know how you really feel). But in the case of this Maison du Posh clutch, it was love at first sight…or should I say bite?

Although it’s cheekily nicknamed “Bite Me,” all I want to do with this bag is carry it night after night! Done with subtlety, the Swarovski-encrusted teeth look incredibly chic, not kitsch. This is one pair of jaws I’d love to get caught in. Not only is it reasonably priced for a deluxe exotic, it’s genuinely something special.

I am always saying I need more unique bags. Not just a weird-looking, crazy bag (like Mandy Coon’s overtly kooky Bunny bag), but one that inspires and delights each time I carry it. This is it!

Available for per-order on Luisa Via Roma for $1,308 (for arrival by March 15th).

Pair with: Something elegant yet unexpected. Like this top-and-shorts set by Emilio Pucci. Matched-up outfits are all the rage right now, and this lacey confection exudes glamour. Strech-waist lace top, $1,255, and ruched lace shorts, $950.



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