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Martell Blade Buddy: The Sharper Image

Are you that girl who keeps the same razor blade in her shower for a whole year at a time? Now you don’t have to worry about rusty old blades giving you a nick on the knees (and possibly requiring a tetanus shot). Martell‘s Blade Buddy is an innovative way to keep razor blades sharp as the day you pulled them out of the package.

I’ve been testing this thing out for about a month now – and it works really well! It’s just like a knife-sharpener. Although a bit complicated to use at first, as soon as you get the hang of it, you’ll never shave without it again!

Here’s how it works: Blade Buddy has a grooved sharpening surface that realigns the metal edges of your razor blades. All you do is put a thin layer of shaving cream on it, line your razor blades flat on the three arrows, and push forward with a bit of speed and light pressure (be sure to never pull the razor backwards). Repeat this 15-20 times and you have a brand new razor-sharp blade that lasts for months. And Blade Buddy has been tested to work for over five years.

This waste-reducing gadget will surely save you a lot of money – and, most importantly, prevent all those nicks and cuts you get from dull razors. So now you can keep that same razor blade for a year – not that I recommend it! On Amazon for $19.99.



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