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My Tot Clock: Tic, Toc, What a Clock

If someone told you there is a magical clock out there that tells your tot when to calm down, sleep, wake up, and take time-out, you wouldn’t believe it. Well, neither do I – but My Tot Clock has come pretty close!

It’s all about signals. The kid-friendly bedside clock (but odds are, you’ll be using it all over the house) changes colors to let your tot know when to take a snooze (blue light), when it’s time to rise (yellow), and when they are being disciplined (although if you’re relying on a red light to manage your tot, you’re probably in trouble!). It also plays bedtime stories, wakes them up with fun, upbeat tunes, and even produces white noise to lull them into dreamland. The fantasical clock also functions as a nightlight with five different levels of illumination. Best of all, My Tot Clock’s slogan: “Helping small children sleep better…so parents can, too!” Nice to know we’ve got a clock on our side! On Amazon for $59.95.



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