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Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Box Clutch: Boxing Match

When it comes to vacation buddies, I believe a fabulously bright, crocodile box clutch is the perfect travel companion. Use it store jewels when it’s packed in your suitcase, and then use it to rev up absolutely any ensemble once you’ve hit your destination.
And since we’re talking exotics, it’s no surprise Nancy Gonzalez has the box clutch nailed. (Kelly recently covered one of Nancy’s also entitled the Box, but that fold-over design is a slightly modified rectangle.) This colorful assortment is delivered in a true box design, so graphic and architectural, it would be gorgeous to display on your coffee table when it’s not in use.
From deep pink to refreshing aqua to perky blue, whichever you choose, the Box is too pretty to not show off. But it’s eye-catching yellow that’s the must-have. Hear me now: if you buy one clutch this season, make it this one!
On Net-a-Porter for $850.

Pair with: Contrast the sharp geometric shape with a floaty top or soft lace dress, like Boy. By Band of Outsiders’ Suspender dress. The striped bodice will pick up whichever hue you carry and the flowing, jagged-hem swing skirt is the ideal juxtaposition.
At Barneys New York for $995.



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  1. Hi Tina, I couldn’t find any other way to contact you guys and I thought you would be able to help me (and all of your readers). I just bought the Alexander Wange marti backpack in Toffee, which is a gorgeous color, but as soon as it arrived I realized how difficult it’s going to be to keep darker colors from bleeding onto it. Do you have any tips for how to prevent this and how to clean it when it does happen? I plan to spray it and clean it with leather conditioner, but I was hoping you had some product recommendations or recommendations in general. I’m sure your other readers would love a post about this! Thank you!

  2. I wouldn’t put a croc bag or jewels in my suitcase that’s going to be checked. Mine was rifled through last time I traveled (and not just for security purposes, they were looking for goods) and my friends have had similar experience. Fortunately I carry on anything of value.
    These bags are delightful.

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