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Nicholas Kirkwood Keith Haring-Print Leather Stilettos: Pop Shop


I’m totally dating myself, but I had a Swatch with this same Keith Haring print! It was all black with white graphics and red hands. Yes, it was all over the place in the eighties, but what was missing was a killer pair of pumps!

Leave it Nicholas Kirkwood, whose inspiring and sometimes full-on outlandish designs show a clear appreciation for all kinds of visual art. I love these pumps for the bold graphic prints, which are on-trend right now, but this actually exudes a retro look for me. Maybe because I was around the first time Haring unleashed his energetic, vivid figures on the world. But this time around, the collaboration of two great artists make for a powerful wearable art for the new century. A stiletto pump with sculpted platform is the perfect canvas for the bold artwork. At Browns Fashionicon for $843.

Pair with: It wouldn’t be a throwback to the eighties without a little excess. Givenchy’s new Antigona tote comes in jaw-dropping silver metallic for full neutral impact. Available for pre-order at Barneys New York for $1,600 (expect delivery in April).



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