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Pamela Love Brass and Silver Purses: Tough Love

It was only a matter of time before the renegade jewel designer, who is inspired by astronomy, astrology, magic, and folk art, made a foray into handbags. But this unusual metal purse is as much of a piece of jewelry as Pamela Love’s pendants and rings – and it’s just as cool. It’s also one hell of a buy on sale for $931.

The original tag of  $3,000 is a definite no; she just doesn’t command that kind of price. But now? Jump on it. With a distressed finish, simulated stitching details, and signature charms dangling from the side, total monochrome like this equals your new go-to evening bag. Whether you choose antiqued brass or oxidized silver, it’s the perfect fit for almost every color, from mega-brights to all-black in need of some flash.

The chain drop is 13”, long enough to hang at your side comfortably, and small in size, it’s strictly for nighttime. Solid metal, think of it as another jewel for you to wear, and layer it with lots of others for maximum eclecticism.
At Forward by Elyse Walker for $931 (from $3,000).

Pair with: Keep it in the family with Love’s trademark talon ring. In a blend of 14-karat gold and sterling silver, it matches either the brass or silver bag.
On Net-a-Porter for $1,345.



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