Philosophy’s New Oxygen Boost

I’ve never used Philosophy’s Oxygen Peel (I’m not big on peels…), but it always gets rave reviews so I was curious to try Philosophy’s new Oxygen Boost ($50). The boost sounds more or less like a brightening serum so I figured that it could possibly make my treatment creams, which are all anti-aging moisturizers at the moment, work more effectively. The product says it provides a “veil of oxygen to help energize, detoxify, and clarify skin,” and while I’m not really sure what that means after using it I can say that I’m all for oxygen-rich products! The creamy, lightweight texture felt nice against my skin and definitively had an instant brightening effect. I actually almost didn’t want to follow it up with a moisturizer because of the radiance it created, but unfortunately my skin is too dry not to…alas maybe this summer I can lather this and go!

Aside from being formulated with perfluorodecalin, which Philosophy says enhance oxygen delivery to skin cells, the Boost is loaded with antioxidants and caffeine to fight fine lines.

One thought on “Philosophy’s New Oxygen Boost

  1. Interesting. I’ve tried Bliss’ Oxygen Facial and was honestly unimpressed. I’d be interested what you think a month or so down the road.

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