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Salvatore Ferragamo Puts the Edge On: Brigid Bag and Evy Clutch


This is definitely not my mother’s Ferragamo – the cardigan with grosgrain placket and gold buttons paired with flats that have that big bow on top. Finally, the brand is showing 21st century edge. These new styles prove Ferragamo got with the times and came out of their cave, and maybe it was best they didn’t rush.

The Evy clutch ($2,422) is just amazing no matter who the designer is – I don’t want to dismiss it by saying, “It’s good for Ferragamo.” Intricate panels of shimmering chains matted on a suede clutch makes for a classic with longevity, but more importantly, it’s solid-gold glam and on-trend for now.

The Brigid shoulder bagicon ($1,625) is definitely more pared down. What you see is what you get: a nice, flat, basic day bag without much to fuss over, but doesn’t it always come down to the little details? The flat shape can expand (there is a deep gusset so you won’t be limited with what you carry in there), but it’s the side triangle metal hinges that take it up many notches to HOT!

What an exciting direction! I can’t wait to see what else is up their sleeve – keep your eyes peeled for more edgy freshness.



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    1. Me, too! I would totally wear it everyday. This could be my first Ferragamo bag purchase in over 20 years!

      Bag Snob Kelly