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Stella McCartney Structured Shoulder Bag: Less is more


This simple, yet chic gorgeous green shoulder bag with chain detail that is just delicious. The color pops with the gold and it is the lightweight and compact enough to throw over your shoulder or across your body making it wearable yet functional and fabulous. The clean shape of the bag is what makes it stand out the most to me proving that less really is more. This vegan friendly bag is made of soft faux leather and has inside pockets and a snap button closure. This bag is subtly classic and sophisticated making it not only timeless but ageless as well; anyone from a teenager to a grandmother could get great use out of this green grab and go. The other great thing about this bag is that it could be worn to almost any occasion. Have a wedding this spring? Throw on a sweet pink one shoulder dress by Riller & Fount and some nude platforms and you’re ready to go. Have a movie date the next night? Pair it with some AG jeans and an easy peasy and always classic white t-shirt by Splendid. Dressed up, dressed down, day or night this bag will take you there with simplistic style. Pick it up for $1455 at Bergdorf Goodmanicon.


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  1. I’m sorry but how on EARTH does that cost $1,455. I simpl can’t see Stella’s angle for charging that much. No leather and no real design, so even it was leather you still couldn’t say you’re also paying for originality. I’m sorry but this is just pain exhorbitant. Are there that mean filthy rich, vegan-friendly women out there?