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The Best Dressed of 2011:

It’s that time of year: for the highly anticipated Best-Dressed List. Every year, it seems our starlets-turned-muses get younger and younger, and 2011  is no exception! A new slew of ingénues have taken center stage, along with a best-dressed list favorite (the Moss is still unstoppable). So who made my final cut? Here, the seven from style heaven:

Rooney Mara: The Rebel to Watch
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is proving to be the girl with fearless style. Adapting the style of her fierce punk character (the nipple ring remains!) and appropriating it for herself with tough, goth-inspired grace, Rooney is one to watch.

Camilla Belle: The Modern Goddess
Does this girl ever not look insanely beautiful? It’s not just her movie-star face, it’s her confident and daring way with couture. From Art-Deco Gucci to glittering Ralph Lauren to a Victoria Beckham sheath, Camilla makes it all look easy.

Emma Stone: The Gutsy Ingenue
The red hair, the red lips, the way with color – and don’t forget the charismatic spunk! Not only did she steal the spotlight on screen, she packed a punch off-screen with scarlet-and-pink Giambattista Valli, heavily blossomed Lanvin, and energetic Carven.

Zoe Saldana: The Nonchalant Trendster

A Balmain shorts suit and spiked Atwood pumps on the red carpet? No muss, no fuss, and perfect delivery! The same goes for floor-length, neon-green sequins (courtesy of Elie Saab). A total fashion plate who somehow looks like she hasn’t put any hard effort into it – I can’t get enough.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: The Elegant Bad Girl
Half-bombshell, half-streetwise downtown chick, Rosie personifies modern cool with a healthy splash of raciness (she even made Dolce & Gabbana’s prim white lace look sexy). She can rock a fedora as well as she can work a siren gown.   

Kate Moss: The Perennial Favorite
And for good reason. Once an It girl, now a full-fledged icon, where would black goat hair be without Madame Moss? Not to mention cropped skinny jeans, vintage frocks, and, well, I could go on all day…This year the blushing bride held her ground, and even made head-to-toe fishnet look good.

Elle Fanning: The Bright Young Thing
From a favorite standby to a muse so young I can’t believe she’s on my list. The little sister of Dakota is proving her fashion prowess by showcasing a love of fabulous designers (Chanel, Rodarte, Valentino) that’s more mature than her much-older peers, while remaining age-appropriate. Read, bare legs, A-line skirts, and not-so-high heels.



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