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The European Blowout: For Excessively Beautiful Hair



In theory, the smooth, bouncy, voluminous European Blowout makes perfect sense, but wait a second – you need 12 brushes?! It’s just ridiculous to tell women to buy a dozen brushes in order to do what one brush can do. However, I did get a similar blowout from the amazing Adriana Trevizo at Tracey and Byron in LA, one that doesn’t involve a boatload of hairbrushes.

Once you pull the hair straight, remove brush and roll hair with fingers. Then clip it with an alligator hair clip to secure in place, and continue to the rest of the hair. It’s a pain-in-the-butt process, but the result is really beautiful and natural waves. As for me, though, I’ll just take a good ol’ American blowout.

Have you tried the European Blowout? If you haven’t – and happen to have a plethora of brushes lying around – here’s how to do it, courtesy of stylist Frank Barbosa:


1)    Apply a gel or lotion to towel dried hair to reduce frizz and add hold (like Rene Furterer Vegetal Styling Straightening Gel)
2)    Section hair – the more sections, the more brushes needed. The average European Blowout uses around 12 brushes.
3) Brush each section up and over direct it with a Sam Villa Signature Series Round or Oval Brush (available at Sam Villa)
4) Wrap each section around the brush rolling away from the face, leaving the brush in (securing like a Velcro roller set).
5) Continue around head until each section is wrapped in a brush.
6) Blow-dry until dry.
7) Let cool.
8 ) Take brushes out and style as usual.

(If you’re pressed for time, stretch-dry each section ¾ of the way and leave the brush in. Continue around the head until each section is wrapped and complete the drying process with a blow dryer. Let it cool, take brushes out, and style as usual.)

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