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Todd Oldham Kid Made Modern Collection: Artsy Fartsy Kids

Todd Oldham continues to reinvent himself: he’s a fashion designer turned interior designer turned kids’ art guru. His 2009 book, Kid Made Modern, shows tots how to make craft projects inspired by mid-century artists. His latest collection, by the same name, is set to hit Target on May 20. It offers a huge assortment of arts and crafts, with all the kits and tools you need to make all sorts of fabulous things. From jewelry-making with felt and beads to a DIY comic book (including a book of comic cells, stencils, rubber stamps, and everything you need to make your own comic book), his creativity and quality is of the highest caliber.

Even his crayons are extraordinary! He has a giant crayon with 64 colors all mashed together so each stroke will produce multiple colors. And, he has designer duct tape so you can use it to create your bag, jewelry box, or refurbish an old chair. The possibilities are only limited by your tot’s imagination – and yours, too, because trust me, you’ll enjoy this as much as your little one!

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