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Trouvé Knocks Off Anya Hindmarch’s Nadja Reversible Clutch: Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery?

When it comes to bags, I’m not so sure. I wouldn’t find Trouvé’s brazen imitation to be so startling if it weren’t for the fact that I used the Nadja just the other day. Years after buying it, Anya Hindmarch’s clutch is still one of my favorites, just because it’s so smartly designed (sadly, it’s no longer available). No wonder it would get knocked off, but come on, Trouvé! Did you have to be utterly flagrant? It’s not only the concept of reversibility they mirrored. Every single detail, right down to the sharp metal trim defining the tip of the flap, is the same. Aside from the quality.

Naturally, for a price like $138 (opposed to Anya’s $895 for large python), there will be major compromises. You know to expect fake snake. But the reverse lining is a plastic-y, faux patent, which causes big, sticky problems – when the patent is on the inside, it will stick to itself. The beauty of this bag is that it’s truly two clutches in one, and both should be equally successful. If I were Anya, as flattered as I’d be at such a desperate imitation, I would be highly offended by Trouvé’s lack of creativity. Anya always thoroughly considers each, minute detail, and it looks like Trouvé only considered another designer’s bright idea.

At Nordstrom for $138.



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