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Yves Saint Laurent Voile de Blush: Be My Candy Girl

I don’t know about you, but my face could use a healthy glow right about now. After a full day on a plane in the dead of winter, my complexion is looking a little lifeless itself. It’s time to bring on the hydration – and now that can happen via my blush!
For their Spring 2012 collection, Yves Saint Laurent has come out with Voile de Blush, a refreshingly feathery cream blush unlike any you’ve ever tried. Water-based and super-sheer, it feels like a whisper-light lip gloss going on your cheeks and provides a gossamer wash of color. In Carmin, Coral, and Pink Veil, I want all three pale shades to play with throughout the day.
Even more delicious: the concept behind the latest collection. Creative Director Lloyd Simmonds was inspired by yummy treats, like mints, gumdrops, and colorful chocolates, for the Candy Face line. Sugar-sweet and far more quenching, this is like non-artificial Vitamin Water for your cheeks!
At Yves Saint Laurent for $30.



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