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Acne Audrey Silk and Metallic Leather Mules: Double Take

Just when you think you’ve got a handle on directional Swedish brand Acne (known for their high-waisted skinny jeans, avant-garde dress silhouettes, and ankle boots that speak to off-the-clock models), they come along with something so different, so delightfully shocking, you have to pause and do a double take.

These rough-silk mules are freakishly cute, especially in red and fuchsia! With a blend of futurism and vintage, they could really be out of any era, but I’m seeing Liz Taylor in the sixties. Think right after the success of her tragic boudoir-babe run in Butterfield 8. Or maybe the name is an ode to Audrey – Holly Golightly would haven given up her pearls for these mules. Either way, I can’t wait to scoop them up and let them inspire my style for spring! On Net-a-Porter for $500.

Pair with: It’s no secret Liz loved her jewels. Get your fix of Cathy Waterman without breaking the bank – her delicate Turquoise Branch ring will go with anything and everything, especially the gold sole of these fab platforms. At Barneys New York for $850.



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