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Baby Dior vs. Baby Gucci: Battle of the Mini-Snobs


When a toddler duds start to get more costly than my own, I have to stop and pause. This Baby Dior dressicon ($745-$825) and Gucci jacketicon ($1,450) are both perfectly adorable – for us moms! So, strictly hypothetically speaking, would you spoil your tot as a Dior girl, in the classic New Look fashion with a fitted waist and pleated A-line skirt, or a Gucci glamour-puss, decked out in a vivid lavender leather bomber jacket?

Both are totally on-trend (and if you ask me, totally overpriced for someone who won’t appreciate them!). It’s all about painterly patterns this spring, and Dior’s bold brushstroke stripes are just right. Leather in unexpectedly girly hues is also making a strong showing. I’m just glad I don’t have a girl of my own, or else I’d be a little too tempted to deck her out right now!

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3 thoughts on “Baby Dior vs. Baby Gucci: Battle of the Mini-Snobs”

  1. Baby Gucci for sure! How can that even be a question? Just look at the utter cuteness of the dress on the left. The Dior jacket looks like something I wore as a kid back in the 80’s. Corduroy pink!


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