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Barely-There Brows: To Pluck Or Not to Pluck…

Like large eyes and flushed cheeks, eyebrows are a sign of youth! We begin losing the ends of our brows from hormones starting at age 30, and without them, we look about 80 years old. At least most of us do –Tilda Swinton rocks the look, as did somber-faced models at the recent Sara Coleman show in Madrid. The bleached-out look was big at the Spring 2011 shows, and models Lara Stone and Abbey Lee can pull off the no-brow look with ease. The key is having ultra-fair hair and skin.

But I’m still of the mind that everyone looks better with them – they frame the face and put your other features in proportion. Whichever look you opt for, heavy or nearly non-existent, young girls take note: do not tweeze or touch your brows without consulting a professional (I know this from experience). So how do you feel about the no-brow look? A trend that should have passed long ago or an enduring look for some?



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  1. Personally, I hate the no brow look. Monthly, I have my brows (or what is left there) dyed so they show up. I believe they frame the eyes and give definition. I never was a plucker… but you’d never know that now.