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Bliss Hot Salt Scrub: Hey, Hot Stuff

I just stepped out of the shower after using Hot Salt Scrub by Bliss, and I swear I feel five pounds lighter! This rough-grain salt scrub seriously sloughs like a power sandblaster (but, of course, is much more pleasant). I made sure I scrubbed for a while to ensure getting 100% of the effects, and I think I actually got 110% (since I can’t scrub my face, I’m making up for it by taking it out on my body!).

Although it consists of eucalyptus, lavender, and rosemary oils, it is not oily (scrubs that are oily tend to be messy, and leave me feeling like I’ve added a layer of gunk to my skin, instead of removing it). This exfoliating gel keeps the salt adhered to your skin so you don’t lose it as you’re sloughing. It’s also self-heating, so it gives you a little warm massage while you scrub. And this does wonders to ease achy muscles and a tired soul – and the attack on your rough skin is mind-blowing.

I make sure the shower is nice and hot before I step in. I then turn it off and do all my scrubbing. When I’m ready to rinse, on goes the warm shower (instead of startling cold) and all the salt washes away. What I’m left with is the softest, smoothest skin I have felt since my babies were born – I kid you not. Such soft skin that you’ll think you’re touching someone else’s!

Hot Salt Scrub is also the greatest detox you can do. If you feel a cold coming on, use this hot scrub, take a hot shower, and crawl into bed with a big cup of hot water, and the sun will surely come out tomorrow.

Use it before shaving and you will reduce ingrown hair, and have the best shave ever – plus, your body will be absolutely, perfectly smooth. This is my new favorite bath item by far! At Sephora for $36.



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