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Chanel Swarovski-Crystal Flap Bag: Viva Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas – and that even goes for Chanel bags! Exclusive to their Las Vegas boutique, behold: the Swarovski-encrusted flap bag, available in pink, blue, and gray. This blinged-out sensation would be such a great souvenir to take home from my whirlwind weekend trip (I haven’t stayed up this late in years!) – it doesn’t get much more Sin City than this. This bag glitters more brightly than the strip at midnight.

My only problem is the very sinful price tag of $18,200. Other than that minor issue, it was love at first sight. Or maybe “lust at first sight” would be more appropriate. I thought crystals were a dime a dozen – now they’re more expensive than exotic?!?! I’m tempted to go hit the black jack tables and try my luck, but even if I did win big, for 18-grand, I have other plans.

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8 thoughts on “Chanel Swarovski-Crystal Flap Bag: Viva Las Vegas”

  1. Valentine’s Day is coming, what kind of surprise you will give your lover ?And what kind of surprise you like from your lover ? Wish you a happy Valentine’s day!You can buy this as a valentine’s gift.It is so beautiful.

  2. I just ADORE Bling!!! Actually that would be an understatement… But I’m a traditionalisist when it comes to Chanel– I love those BIG FAT quilted Caviar bags– This creation is a bit too, well ‘show girl’ for me!!!

  3. I do love this bag and all of its swarovskis. The first time that I spotted it, I was in love. However,the 18+ thousand is a hefty price tag for anyone, but the saks in new York is selling it for$10,000. Still very expensive but reasonable for a Chanel. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for it:)


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