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Darphin Hydrating Kiwi Mask: Good Hydrations


I was so in love with the Arcona kiwi mask until they discontinued it (why?!?! That always seems to happen to the best products!). But now I can stop crying about it because I’ve moved on: I discovered a better one from my favorite beauty line, Darphin.

Bursting with kiwi, mango, and pomegranate extracts, this is more of a hydrating mask than a cleansing mask. Along with shea butter and Vitamin E, it helps parched winter skin come back to life (no more tight dryness). Kiwi is so amazing for reviving dull skin – the natural acids melt away impurities to bring a healthy, glowing complexion to the surface. And, as we know, pomegranate is a great anti-oxidant. A mere three to five minutes later, you have a blissfully revived face. It couldn’t be easier on the skin, so you can apply it pretty much as often as you want.

This mask does it all, and now I have another product to give me a luxury bath time experience (which, of course, is one of my favorite activities). At drugstore.comicon for $50.



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  1. The WINE mask from ARCONA is the most amazing I’ve ever tried for dry skin. Never got a change to tried their kiwi one but I highly recommend the Wine one.