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Delfina Delettrez Addolorata Necklace: Love is a Battlefield

Find yourself spurned, embittered, or in a lover’s quarrel this Valentine’s Day? (Hey, it’s not always a bed of roses, especially when holiday pressures are involved!) I see my accessories as armor, and while I hope for the best, a self-respecting snob is wise enough to be prepared for the worst. Ready yourself for making love, war, or both with Delfina Delettrez’s major statement piece.

Her Addolorata necklace is not only a leather-covered choker that doesn’t mess around, its charm is a fiberglass heart that’s been punctured with gold-plated arrows from every angle. Ruby drops give it a splash of romance. Whether your heart’s been punctured or you’ve been struck by Cupid’s bow multiple times, this makes a bold proclamation: love – and beauty – is painful! On Luisa Via Roma for $4,314.

Pair with: Keep it seriously simple with a black strapless dress. Stella McCartney’s clean stretch-jersey has a subtle peplum for a sprinkling of sweetness. On Net-a-Porter for $875.



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