Snob Essentials

Derek Lam Fall 2012 Collection: De-Luxe Delight

One word: luxury. It’s a word we throw around often, but few these days seem to have a better comprehension of true luxury – and all the nuances it involves – than Derek Lam. And even better, luxury we can actually wear! His collection was jam-packed with all the elements a snob could crave come Fall 2012: gently woven cashmere, silk georgette, lacquered leather, and intricately print satin, to name a few.

Derek’s girl started off strictly showing her prim side, but gradually the hemlines rose and the bouffants loosened up, as if our little lady had gotten roughed up – in the best way possible. Her leather pants have some rock ‘n’ roll slouch; the white lambskin trouser is so impractical but oh, so gorgeous! Another favorite: the ivory ecologique shearling coat (I MEAN, I cannot live another winter without this!). Raccoon stoles and leather shells will jazz up the simplest of polished day looks; metallic tweeds and sequin brocades bring new meaning to night looks, especially set in two-piece suits and flowing skirts.



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