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Diane Kordas Negative-Space Rings: On a Positive Note

It has been awhile since I’ve seen anything this fantastic in jewel design. London-based designer Diane Kordas believes your jewels should be at once “casual and classic” and most importantly, “timeless.” Check to all of the above! Her negative-space rings have the cool factor and the family-heirloom element in equal doses – just what I want in my jewelry. These aren’t knock-around rings (despite the casual element); they require investment-level spending, but Kordas’ designs are so good, you can easily justify dipping into your retirement for them. These are lifelong treasures!
Available on Net-a-Porter.

1) Rectangle 18-Karat Blackened Gold Diamond Ring ($2,290): Clean and elegant, this frames your finger in the most understated of ways – the impact of a chunky ring without the chunky stone.

2) Arabesque 18-Karat Rose-Gold Diamond Ring ($5,555): A more opulent pattern makes for an all-over ring, but it is still the negative space that brings the sparkles to light.

3) Star 18-Karat Blackened Gold Diamond Ring ($2,715): The most playful of the bunch, this off-kilter star shines with a spunky silhouette.

4) Mesh 18-Karat Rose-Gold Diamond Ring ($5,965): Mesh looks divine when it’s dotted with a pleasing plethora of little diamonds, creating an exotic feel for your finger.

5) Teardrop 18-Karat Rose-Gold Diamond Ring ($2,085): The teardrop is a classical shape. Oversized and minimal, these diamonds are inherently modern.

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