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EasyLunchboxes 3-Compartment Bento Lunch Box Containers: Bueno Bento

I feel like I’ve purchased every conceivable lunch box system in the world: from bento boxes to Tupperware containers, my kitchen is consumed with countless lids and pieces.

I cannot tell you how frustrating it is in the morning to pack lunch when I’m already late (I’m late as soon as I wake up every day; it’s mayhem and I hate it), and I cannot find the coordinating lids and tops and what not.

That’s why it’s wise to always stick to the KISS strategy when it comes to tots: Keep It Simple, Stupid! I have bento-style containers like this, but each compartment has a piece that comes out. It’s way too complicated for this harassed mommy. One container, multiple compartments, and one lid, courtesy of EasyLunchboxes. This simple, easy, affordable, and disposable-when-it-gets-gross container is AWESOME.

The compartments are completely separated, so they can toss this around all they want and the food won’t get mixed up. It’s not leak-proof, so no soup or liquids, although ketchup and yogurt seem to do fine if you’re confident your tot won’t keep it upside down for long. Which means, you can even buy econo-size yogurt and put it in one of the sections. For me, it’s sandwich or whatever the entree is, fruit and a snack item like yogurt, pretzels or cheese.

Its lightweight, easy-to-open lid makes it manageable for tots, and it’s the perfect size for elongated lunch bags (not the square metal ones from when we were kids). They come BPA-Free in a set of four – dishwasher-safe but I still wouldn’t heat the container at a high temperature. Then again, if it gets all warped, it’s cheap enough to toss and get more. On Amazon for $13.95 (for a set of four).



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