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February Giveaway: Take Your Pick of Plukka!

What better way to celebrate fashion month with a little – scratch that – a whole lot of bling! Plukka, the wildly chic jewel line, is offering the winner of our February giveaway his/her pick of ONE out of three of their covetable cocktail rings!

The lucky snob can pick between: the Wavy Gumdrop, 18k with 14 carat crystalline cabochon of lemon quartz, with a surge of tsavorite pave and white diamonds; Purple Haze, a gigantic amethyst flanked by 14 diamonds and surrounded by ruby and sapphire pave; or Anansi, with 18k domed latticework forming a spider’s web, topped with rubies and diamonds.

International readers welcome. Best of luck! And good luck to the winner – she’s have a hard (and very sparkly) decision to make!

Sign up here! HERE.

25 thoughts on “February Giveaway: Take Your Pick of Plukka!

  1. Tatjanochka on said:

    Very pretty in green!

  2. OMG! they are all gorgeous,but the green one …..aaaaaaaaaargh to die for! what a looker! oeh … fingers crossed again! i should be so lucky for my 50st birthday!

  3. loving the purple wow I love it

  4. my 50th birthday as well Carla

  5. April C. on said:

    I LOVE the domed latticework spider’s web ring, topped with rubies and diamonds!!!!

  6. Nice rings, but the Anansi is best!

  7. I totally am in LOVE with the purple one, this is my favorite! Works well with my dress that I’m wearing for a wedding, pick me please!

  8. Debra Simning-Chapman on said:

    Love them all, but the amethyst is so perfect for me!

  9. Im torn! The purple is definitel my fave!

  10. Unbelievably beautiful! Wow!

  11. i would love to win the one with all the pink stones! it’s beautiful, and i’ve been thinking about cocktail rings! wish me luck!

  12. Anansi looks pretty special and like the spiderweb effect. It almost appears to be an umbrella with latticwork for layers. Wearing a ring with dimensions similar to that one makes me smile and it doesn’t weigh that much.

  13. Beverly Morris on said:

    I love all of them, but my favorite is the purple.

  14. ShoeQueen61' on said:

    In how many languages can you say gorgeous?!?!?! These are simply spell binding!!!!!!!!!!

  15. TiffanyCheng on said:

    Beautiful!!! Love the purple one~

  16. love the purple one!

  17. 非常美丽的设计 令人惊叹的奢华


  19. 好看,特别的

  20. lily Chou on said:

    I love it!

  21. All 3 rings are fantastic!

  22. omg,all of them very fantastic,u r the best!

  23. 超喜欢她们~~

  24. Simone on said:

    Who’s the winnwer of this fabulous giveaway?

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