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Frugal Snob: Sephora Collection Prisma Chrome Eyeshadow

A few months ago Estee Lauder launched some Pure Color eye shadows ($24) that look very similar to the limited edition ones that just came out from Sephora Collection($15). I’ve tried and liked both of them though it’s worth noting that while Estee Lauder’s shades come with a brush, they’re nearly $10 more expensive making the Sephora ones a welcome frugal alternative. The shade I tried (Bronze Brilliance), was long-lasting, felt soft on my lids (I have to say I have yet to try something from Sephora Collection that disappoints…), and the creamy texture made it great for layering on top of powder shadow, especially given the shimmery metallic nature of all the colors in the collection. The one downside is that it’s kind of sad when you mess up the nice wave design! On a side note, I’ve used the shade both wet and dry and it worked both ways; if you’re looking for a more highly pigmented look opt to apply it wet otherwise, for lighter color, use it dry.


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