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Giorgio Armani High Voltage 24-Hour Eyes-To-Kill Shadow: If Looks Could Kill


If you’re looking for a super-saturated eye color that is absolutely beautiful, snap up Giorgio Armani’s innovative shadow. High Voltage 24-Hour Eyes-To-Kill may be a pain to apply, but once it’s on, you’ll see it was well worth the trouble. Although the product claims not to be a powder or a cream, powder seems to go everywhere when you apply it. Since it’s a bit messy, you have to use your fingers to put it on or the fallout is super-annoying. Made from a long-lasting bi-polymer, these shadows have staying power like no other, so once you get it on, it stays on!

There are seven shades and each one has a secondary pigment, creating a multi-dimensional look. The colors with a black base go on with such intensity, they eliminate the tinny look of pure metallic. Gold-accented black, and the purple-tinged black are the best the best shades – just the right amount of mystery. High Voltage is just that: drama and boldness the likes you’ve never seen before! At Saks Fifth Avenueicon for $32.



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