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Giuseppe Zanotti Zip-Back High-Vamp Crisscross Sandal: They’ve Got Sole


After I just had a mini-love affair with funky-strappy sandals, Giuseppe Zanotti has reeled me back in with his old ways. His super-sexy old ways. This shoe is classic Giuseppe, from the slyly positioned straps to the high-arching angle of the sole to the heel, as tall as it is slender.

The buckles are a little equestrian (especially set on brown leather), but the overall effect is a lot S&M. All those straps say sensual bondage, unlike the other strap-heavy sandals as of late, which are all about quirk. These are for nights that could use some heating up and dresses that could use a one-two punch of sex appeal. They are not, however, for nights that involve a lot of meandering. Such high-vamp shoes aren’t the easiest to walk in, especially with that 4.5” heel and lack of platform. That pitch looks painful, but at least you won’t be sliding around – there are plenty of straps to hold it all together, for both the eye and your foot. At Bergdorf Goodmanicon for $1,055.

Pair with: Deep chestnut and sturdy straps would look lovely softened up with Diego Dolcini’s delicious metallic and suede bag, in minty aqua-green. Diego Dolcini Metallic Leather and Suede Shoulder Bag, $878.



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