Gucci Bags Fall 2012 Collection: The New Black

It’s time to enter the darkness. What does it take to put a stop to the colorblocking addiction? (I’ll admit, lately I’m the worst culprit of all .) Nothing more than Frida Ginnani’s regal, elegant, dramatic touch. “Let’s go back to black,” she is saying with an emphatic hand and brilliant vision. I have always been a big fan of “black on black on black,” bags included, and I can’t remember the last time pitch-dark satchels have looked more appealing!

Set against Gucci’s delicate yet strong mélange of tinted velvets (ebony was imbued with hints of midnight green and shimmering bronze), mink-inlaid chiffon, deep lips, and pale skin, were roomy top-handles, structured hobos, and pert clutches in shiny crocodile, semi-distressed leathers, and three-dimensional brocades to match many of the jodhpur pants and smoking jackets. The genius here is the way Frida has laid on the texture and maintained an attention to detail that is almost unparalleled. These luxe bags do their job: they finish off an indulgent yet tasteful collection, enhancing the sense of mystery with finesse.

3 thoughts on “Gucci Bags Fall 2012 Collection: The New Black

  1. Great looking collection of bags. Love em

  2. Sandra Rowley on said:

    Oh my word, that brocade hobo is the best!!!!!

  3. LOOOOOOOOOOOVE them! specially the brocade …clutch ánd hobo :-)

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