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Gucci Tri-Color Suede Platform Sandals: Season’s Greeting

File these under: transitional shoes. Gucci has struck that rare note and delivered a sandal that looks equally appropriate in January as it does in June. And equally divine.

Wear these tri-toned platforms – the black suede grounds them for heavier wear, while pale aqua screams of the summer’s ocean – with opaque black tights as the last of the winter snow melts. Then deliberately clash the colors with bold and bright pink dress when the first sprig of spring appears. Watch them take on the persona of an entirely different shoe as you switch it up.

I just ordered them and they are my absolute favorite right now! I can’t wait to strut them into the next season. On Net-a-Porter for $895.

Pair with: These sandals would enjoy a night out with a perky coral clutch. Diane von Furstenberg’s Tonda watersnake box, in a tiny size for just the essentials, speaks to the shoes’ sense of disco fever. Available for pre-order at Neiman Marcusicon for $365 (expected to ship by April 9th).




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