Gucci vs. Ferragamo: Old-School Face-Off


I spy with my snobby eye…two bags that look like they were separated at birth! I’m loving the Gucci 1970 reissueicon ($2,650), but it looks just like Salvatore Ferragamo’s shoulder bagicon ($1,625). Both are flat silhouettes with that distinctive gold hardware detail at the corners.

Gucci is all about the seventies this spring (mixed with some Art Deco bling), so it make sense that theirs has a slouchy, flared shape. Topped with that metal tassel, it’s got a disco vibe going on which is so crazy-fabulous. Then there’s the Ferragamo. Never one to make a fuss, it’s a traditional structured hobo with clean lines – not as much personality as the good-time Gucci, but it’s a solid option for everyday.

Which do you prefer: the classic or the reinvented? You know my answer – anything with more personality is always the better choice.

2 thoughts on “Gucci vs. Ferragamo: Old-School Face-Off

  1. I like the Gucci better but the Ferragamo is nice too and it’s a 1000 $ cheaper! I actually really love the python version of the Gucci 1970!

  2. The Gucci bag’s leather looks so so soft and supple, but with all of that heavy heavy hardware I doubt it will hold its shape and may end up a cumbersome bag to use. The ferragamo may not be as flashy but I guarantee will no be as awkward to use. I vote for Salvatore!

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